Candle Lighting Remembrance Program

Candles will glow on Sunday, December 11, 2022 when tens of thousands of bereaved parents, siblings, grandparents, relatives, and friends around the globe will join together to light remembrance candles to honor the memories of children who have died, but will never be forgotten. Held annually the second Sunday in December, this will be the 24th Worldwide Candle Lighting sponsored by The Compassionate Friends.

The Worldwide Candle Lighting is open to all who wish to participate, whether by attending a service open to the public, joining in a small gathering, or lighting a candle in the quiet solitude of their homes or wherever they may be. Although the event is officially held at 7PM for one hour in each time zone, services are held throughout the day. The Compassionate Friends of Green Bay will hold their Candle Lighting Program at First United Methodist Church, 501 Howe Street, Green Bay at 1PM.

Families are invited to bring a candle (unscented if possible), a photo of their deceased child(ren) and/or a memento to place on a table. The 30 to 45-minute program will include musical selections, readings, and the naming of the children as candles are lit. Family and friends are all invited. For further information call The Compassionate Friends of Green Bay at 920-370-3858.

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